Even in some infant products you can see this ingredient

Infant or newly born baby are more sensitive than us, so only doctors always advice to keep the surrounding safe and carrageenanto use right baby care product. Even a small mistake on those things going to give bad result it may spoil your baby health badly. It is better to take a professional help before you started to use any product for your kid. Food and Drug Administration role is huge in all places it can be any kind of product but still their approval matters a lot to run a product successfully. If any products has approved by FDA means they are hundred percentage safe to use and natural based product, so while you are buying any product try to check about the basic things like ingredients and approval.

Till how much quantity it is safe                         

As per the recent report given by FDA they said that carrageenan is not going to be a problem for any infant till it is in 1000 mg. This milligrams amount should be checked in a liter so make sure that your kid is not consuming more than that in a day. This product helps to improve nutrition level in kid body so that they can stay active and healthy. In United States 2012, familiar person filed a complaint against it in court but due to invalid proof court has rejected this petition. People knowingly and unknowingly using this ingredient on their daily food, but nothing to worry about they are safe.

Not even single percentage of toxic has present on it

As we all know that it is a fiber of seaweed so no chemicals substances were seen on it. Top of that during preservation process they are removing all the unwanted toxic substance so even after storing it for months you will get the fresh feel from it.                               No allergies and other skin problems rise due to it.